Forestry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee of China



Request for comments of ISO DIS 6531
conducted by ISO/TC 23/SC 17

To each committee member and expert:

          ISO/TC 23 /SC 17  " Manually portable forest machinery "  is now requesting for comments of ISO DIS 6531 “Machinery for forestry—Portable chainsaws—Vocabulary”.  If you pay attention to this international standard and intend to make comment,  please send your opinion to the secretariat (E-mail :, Tel : 0451-86664626, 13694504713) before April 24th, 2016. Comments on whether standard structure,  technical requirement, or text editing are all acceptable. If you need the original English version standard of ISO DIS 6531,  please contact the secretariat for the related documents.



The secretariat of forestry machinery standardization technical committee of China


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