Forestry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee of China


Request for comments of 3 new work item proposals(NWIP)of  
ISO/TC 23/SC 15 concerning “Terms, definitions and classifications”

To each committee member and expert:

    ISO/TC 23/SC 15“Machinery for forestry”is now requesting for comments of 3 new work item proposals(NWIP)concerning “Terms, definitions and classifications”. If you pay attention to these international standards and intend to make comments, please fill the form blow and send it to the secretariat (,Tel:0451- 86664626,13694504713)
before January 4th, 2016. Comments on whether standard structure, technical requirement, or text editing are all acceptable. If you need these 3 ISO NWIPs, please contact the secretariat for the related documents.


Standard Name

N 517 NWIP

Machinery for forestry - Grinders - Terms, definitions and classifications and component nomenclature

N 518

Machinery for forestry - Machine fed tree chippers - Terms, definitions and classifications

N 519

Machinery for forestry - Forestry mulcher-Terms, definitions and classifications


The secretariat of forestry machinery standardization technical committee of China


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